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    Welcome Listeners! The show has finally begun. First, I must say, sorry about the website, we tried to get it ready on time but did not manage to make it happen. For now, please bear with us.

    A little background on the show. We have always wanted to give back into the community in the way of informing them with detail information on products and services in the Home and Home Improvement market. We are a business that believes that in this life, it is most important to support each first and our passion has always been protecting the end use in any transaction to the best of our ability no matter who you purchase from.

    Our passion is to make sure less and less people get ripped off or taken advantage of due to a lack of knowledge. Homes Made Right will provide you with the best answers possible through having guest on our shows who are experts in the field on all Home and Home improvement levels. After we capture this information, it will be available on our website to come back to it over and over again. We will also include answers to your questions on and off the air. Just fill out the Topic Request Form and we will get right on it.

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