• Consulting

    Trust is a Must. Building a relationship is building trust and trust gives you peace of mind, knowing that the outcome will be to your satisfaction. To ensure the best outcome for your project, you need the right people who know what they’re doing through the whole process. Our experienced Management Consultants/Supervisors team, will provide effective leadership and guidance and pay close attention to details throughout the duration of the entire project from start to finish.

    Projects can need many things. Sometimes it can be like raising a child:

    1. You have the birth of the project which comes with many unforeseen issues that may need immediate attention and catching them early will prevent the project from growing in the wrong direction. One of the ways to minimize or prevent this from happening is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Good preparation for the birth keeps focus on the birth and potential growth and not diverted by too many crisis’s or issues.
    2. Then you have the growing stage or middle of the project, here things can be running very smoothly if you don’t back off in your supervision. So many times, projects can go south in the middle due to lazing judgement or supervision and can be very hard to get back on track. Without this constant supervision, it is like gambling or taking chances. Not only is the bad for the project and the people involved, but it can devastate the budget if you don’t get a good handle on it quickly or better yet, put in all the preventive measures available to you beforehand.
    3. Next you have the mature stage or the finishing up and finalizing stage of the project. In this stage, you begin to finish things up or close things out. A big mistake we have seen out there is what we call “Going Home Workmanship”. So many times, when the job is ending or certain parts are ending, the workmanship seems to go downhill due to the desire of the workers to finally go home from this project for good. As a supervisor, this is a very critical time. It is a time to take the EXTRA time to walk the job constantly looking at and going through all the details with the responsible parties. The last stage of the project should never be the “Punch List”. The supervisor should have already pre-inspected every part of the project, discovering and repairing all the deficiencies or poor workmanship that can be found. Never leave anything for chance. In doing so, the Punch List should mostly bring pride in workmanship as well as supervisory skills, making final walk through of a project with the owners or owners representative pleasurable instead of miserable. 

    We at Homes Made Right, believe in and adhere to the 10 – 80 – 10 Theory. This theory does not save time on the project but rather makes the job go more smoothly and the outcome pleasurable for all involved. Here is the theory:  

    1. 10% at the beginning of the project duration should be spent in preparation and distribution of duties for the project. This means that we prepare for the project ahead of time before it begins and involve all the responsible parties who will be doing the work. In doing so we will potentially prevent some if not most of the wasted time in the beginning of the project due to the unforeseen. You will never beat all of it but you could certainly elevate most of it. 
    2. 80% of the project is just doing the work in the best, clean and organized way possible. The plan made up front during the first stage should make this stage run mostly smooth.
    3. 10% at the end of the duration of the project should be spent pre-inspecting the final product. In doing so, as stated earlier, the supervisor will have the time to go through the project and have all the discovered deficiencies as well as and poor workmanship corrected by the responsible parties prior to the owner’s walk through.

    As you can see, we at Homes Made Right, do our best to run a tight ship. This desire is not only in our Consulting roles but also spills over into all that we do and all those we work with and build relationships with. So, when your next project comes around, give us a call and lets at least talk about it. The important part is that you are satisfied. Even if you don’t end up using us, we believe that we can contribute into the best outcome on any project just from the information we deliver to you. Being informed is the beginning of being transformed.