• Residential, Comercial and Hospitality Services

    Whether your next project will be working on your kitchen, living room, bathroom, or exterior we've got the skill you need to make your projects look amazing. We offer you choices from the best available materials that fit your specific needs and budget. We will also help you reflect your personality through your renovation choices, making your house a home which fits your character. If your style is classic, contemporary, retro or rustic, through our guidance you'll find exactly what you need to enhance the look and beauty of your home. We match the outcome to the person, always keeping your budget in mind.

    Homes Made Right can also assist you in your commercial needs. We have had the pleasure working with managers and owners of Restaurants, Corporate Management, Churches, Schools, and Specialty Projects. If you are a Mom and Pop business, Corporate Manager or even an Architect, we can help lead you through and educate you on what works best within your application and budget needs.

    Homes Made Right, has had the pleasure of working with many different hotels throughout the country in remodels and renovations. Our services include design, demo, plumbing, electrical, painting wallpaper, floor covering, furniture and fixtures. Whether we supply materials or you supply, not job is too small. 

  • Experience, Quality and Professionalism

    At Homes Made Right, we believe in building relationships first. Whether you are a potential customer, a vendor or merely doing research, we believe that your voice is important and must be heard to help us better understand your needs. On the same token, we make ourselves are responsible and accountable for giving you the best possible information, fully and completely no matter what the outcome may be. These are building blocks in building a true and trustworthy relationship.  

    By starting with relationship first, trust becomes established both ways and helps in eliminating any of the usual games that are played in a seller/buyer interaction. In doing so, we provide you with the best options that are the best match not only for your desires but also for your budget. Our desire is not to give you a project you will like but a project you can love for years to come.

    Our relationship building does not stop at the sale; it continues to our professionally trained and highly skilled craftsmen. Your salesperson will meet the craftsmen on site before the job begins and after the job ends, ensuring that you and the craftsmen have a complete understanding of what is expected and how the job will flow. Our craftsmen are highly trained professionals who are seasoned and have been in the field for many years and have learned what works and what doesn’t work.

    We at Homes Made Right believe that it is much easier to do the job right the first time. When the relationship is good, the outcome will be great!